Exercice 1

Est-ce que vous savez faire une cystotomie ? [Can you perform a cystotomy?]
Vous pourrez payer la consultation demain. [You will be able to pay tomorrow.]
Nous avons essayé de le réanimer mais on ne pouvait plus rien faire. [We tried to resuscitate him but we couldn't do anything anymore.]
Sam aurait pu mourir d'intoxication à la mort aux rats. [Sam could have died from rat poison poisoning/ Sam might have died from rat poison poisoning].
J'aimerais savoir monter à cheval. [I'd like to be able to ride a horse/ I would like to be able to ride a horse].
Il se pourrait que j'aille au congrès l'année prochaine. [I might go to the conference next year.]
Betty n'a pas mangé aujourd'hui. Elle est peut-être malade. [Betty has not eaten today. She may be sick.]
Je serai peut-être en retard pour le rendez-vous de demain. [I may be late for my appointment tomorrow.]
Il a peut-être mangé un os. [He may have eaten a bone.]
Votre chat a grossi. Vous avez dû trop lui donner à manger. [Your cat has gained weight. You must have given him too much food.]
Votre chat a tellement pris de poids que vous avez dû demander l'avis d'un vétérinaire. [Your cat has gained so much weight you had to ask for a vet's advice.]
Vous devriez lui donner des croquettes de régime. [You should feed him diet dry catfood.]
Tout devrait être prêt au bloc de chirurgie maintenant. [Everything should be ready in the operation room now/ Everything should be ready in the surgical unit now.]
Il est important que le chien prenne sa pilule tous les jours. [It is important that the dog should take its pill every day.]
Wolfy n'a pas besoin d'être hospitalisé. [Wolfy needn't be hospitalized/ Wolfy doesn't have to be hospitalized.]
Sept heures. Elle devrait être chez elle maintenant. [Seven o'clock. She should be home now.]
Neuf heures. Elle doit être chez elle maintenant. [Nine o'clock. She must be home now.]
On ne peut pas poser une plaque puisque la fracture est ouverte. On doit utiliser des fixateurs externes. [A plate can't be put in since the fracture is compound. External fixation must be used./ A plate can't be put in since the fracture is open. External fixation must be used.]

Exercice 2

The development of the web is likely to make clients more and more demanding.(will probably)
His condition may improve if he is put on a drip and given antibiotics. (perhaps)
If his owner had brought him to the surgery earlier, he might have survived. (there is a possibility)
If we gave her furosemide, her urea blood rate would increase even more. (provided the condition is fulfilled, the result is inevitable).
I think we should stop our efforts there and put the poor dog to sleep. (We had better do it)
Doctor, you must tell me the truth! Is there hope left for Tigger? (It is a moral obligation)

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