Exercice 1

1. The owner forgot to give his cat his daily tablet yesterday, and wonders if that might be harmful to him. "That's right, I don't remember administering  my cat his pill yesterday", the client said.
2. Please remember to come at 9 a.m. tomorrow. You'd better not be  late. -No, don't worry, I'd rather be early than late.
3. I will never forget attending this lecture.
4. As veterinarians, we are used to seeing serious injuries, like in traffic accidents.That used to disturb me much when I was a vet student.

Exercice 2

1. Did you witness what happened?
-Yes, I saw him fall from the table. Right afterwards, I decided to bring him to the vet's since he seemed really bad. I heard him moaning all the way to the surgery. Indeed, he didn't stop whining. He didn't even stop to catch his breath.
2. Will it be possible for him to walk again?
- I am really looking forward to seeing the postoperative results. It is too soon to know if his condition might get better.
However, if he does not recover sensitivity in his leg within three days, it won't be worth waiting anymore. Our aim would then be to prevent him from suffering  anymore.

Exercice 3

J'ai oublié de prendre mon portefeuille. J'étais trop inquiet pour y penser. [I forgot to take my wallet. I was too worried to think of it.]
Essayez de ne pas l'oublier demain. [Try not to forget it tomorrow.]

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