Quiz Dimensions 1

Exercice 1
The average [height, size] of an Arabian horse ranges from 1.48 to 1.56m.
The [weight, amount, quantity] of feces necessary  for a direct coproscopy is several dozens of grams.
The right dorsal colon of a horse is 30 to 35 centimetres wide.
If the rectangle is 3 centimetres across and 5 centimetres long, then its [area, surface area] is 15 cm2.

Exercice 2
How high is a miniature horse?
A big radiograph cassette measures 40 by 20 cm.
The death rate rises to 100% in cases of rabies if clinical signs are observed.
Any vet should choose an analysis laboratory close to his surgery.

Exercice 3
The [average, mean] temperature of a dog is 38.5°C.
The circumference of a circle is obtained by multiplying the radius by two and then multiplying the result by Pi.

Quiz Dimensions 4

Exercice 1
E. Granulosus cestodiasis

Echinococcus granulosus belongs to the class of cestodes, and the family of taeniids. Cestodes are obligate parasite hermaphrodite worms, whose segmented body doesn’t possess any digestive tract.  Ovigerous segments of taeniids are longer than wide (plus longs que larges). E. Granulosus is a very little tapeworm whose length (longueur) ranges from (varie de) 4 to (à) 6 mm. Its last segment is greater than half the total length of its body. The number of adult worms in a dog’s digestive tract can [reach, go up to, rise to, attain] (atteindre) 150,000. The ovigerous segments, which are rejected in faeces, are almost invisible to the naked eye (they are about (environ) 2-3mm long). Many species of mammals can be intermediate hosts , man comprised, although most frequently the sheep is affected. The embryos use the blood stream to reach the liver or the lungs, and to form there a larva that is also called hydatid cyst. It is spherical, its mean (moyen) diameter being of a few centimetres, although in very rare cases its volume can rise to several litres.
Adult worms can live slightly (légèrement) more than 10 years in the digestive tract of a dog. Eggs are very resistant in the environment and can resist more than a year in temperatures ranging from –5 to 30°C, as far as hygrometry is sufficient. However, their survival is low in deep (profonde) water. Infestation occurs by the oral route by ingesting food or water soiled by canine excrement, or less often by transplacental route.
Echinococcus cestodiasis is a dangerous zoonosis (zoonose), therefore special attention must be paid to basic hygiene. Moreover, carefulness is recommended when treating an infested dog, this provoking the rejection of numerous eggs in the environment.

Exercice 2
Certain kinds of parasites are not likely to be found higher than 1800 m above (au-dessus) sea level.
When ALT seric activity [reaches, attains, increases to, goes up to, rises to, is more than] 3 times its normal level, it highlights hepatocellular lesions.
Blood pH [variation, range, span] is very tight.
Anaemia in a dog is considered extremely serious if PCV [drops to, falls to, decreases to, goes down ton, reaches, attains] 13%.

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