Exercice 1

Further research is needed before finding the right vaccine. [Farther is used to indicate greater distance, further is used to express the idea « supplementary, additional »].
Both human beings and animals are vulnerable to meningitis.
Performing enterectomy needs more skill than enterotomy.
Prognosis is far better in cases of lymphoma if chemotherapy is provided.
There are twice as many female vet students as male ones in France nowadays.
Unlike guinea pigs which sleep at night, hamsters are nocturnal animals.
Guinea pigs tend to have the same kind of illnesses as chinchillas. [The same introduces a comparison of equality. Therefore it is followed by as.]
Apart from a few details, the professor more or less agrees with what is written in this article.
Food and mouth disease outbreak in 2001 is one of the most striking epizooties of the last decades because of the slaughter policy. 
The surgery is farther away from the town center than the station.

Exercice 2

Neither food nor water (not one, nor the other) should be given to a dog suffering from acute vomiting for at least 12h.
More and more (an ever-increasing number ) bacteria are becoming immune to modern drugs.
Bone is harder (hard +) than cartilage.
A sow is 100 times as heavy as (weight x100) one of its piglets.
A great Dane is as tall as (equal size) a shetland pony.
Some small dogs, especially Yorkshire terriers, tend to keep both (the two things)decidual and adult teeth, especially as concerns the fangs.

Rappels de grammaire


Adj court

Adj long

Comparatif de supériorité

Stronger, healthier

More productive


The strongest, the healthiest

The most productive

Comparatif d’égalité: "as... as"

Comparatif d’infériorité: "not as + adj+ as"







The best



The worst



The least



The fewest


Further (farther)

The furthest (farthest)

NB: "moins de" se traduit en principe par "less" devant un nom singulier et "fewer" devant un nom pluriel. Mais en anglais moderne, "less" s’emploie aussi très souvent devant un nom pluriel


To make sthg bigger: to enlarge, to increase, to enhance, to lengthen, to spread, to raise
The most important thing: the leading, the chief, the main, the top, the peak  + noun

Acute = aigu
Both = les deux
Chemotherapy = chimiothérapie
Doe = lapine
Downward trend = tendance à la baisse
Fang = croc
Foot and mouth disease = la fièvre aphteuse
Guinea pig = cobaye (dans les deux sens du terme)
Neither…nor = ni…, ni…
Piglet = goret
Prognosis = pronostic
Sow = truie
To level off = se stabiliser
Unlike = au contraire de
Upward trend = tendance à la hausse

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